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Map of Oakland Taco Trucks and Street Carts

rworange | Oct 12, 200710:17 PM     39

I’ve been in the Oakland area recently and put together this map of taco trucks for myself using mostly tips I read on Chowhound. Others might find it useful.

Whenever anyone asks about taco trucks the answer is search the board for lots of recs … well, yeah … but finding the SIGNIFICANT recs can be a pain.

So there I’d be in Oakland and … uh … now was THIS a good truck or not? What is good to order? What to avoid? What hasn’t been tried?

The Chowhound Guide to the SF Bay Area has come in VERY handy a number of times, but it mainly has the crème de la crème in terms of picks. What were the other very good joints?

In a reply to this topic I’ll list the significant taco discussions and link to all the Place records

There are a few places on my map but not in Places because I couldn’t confirm the exact location like the Taco House and Pipirin, a stall that sells barbacoa near a church.

Actually there aren’t as many taco trucks as estimated. There are about 20 not counting street carts. The “A” list is really only these trucks

El Gordo 4201 International Blvd
El Gordo #2 at International and 42nd (evenings and weekends only)
El Novillo 1001 Fruitvale Ave, (in parking lot of Guadalahara Restaurant)
El Ojo De Aqua taco truck Fruitvale Ave & E 13th St
El Ojo de Agua #2 Taco Truck International Blvd & 104th Ave
Mi Grullense trucks International Blvd & 30th Ave (in Goodwill Store Lot)
Sinaloa Taco Trucks and Taqueria International Blvd & 22nd Ave

The “B” list are under-reported … a few might no longer exist.

Barajitos Taco Truck 2900 Broadway (in front of Grocery Outlet)
El Grullo Foothill Blvd & High St
El Grullo International Blvd & 26th Ave
El Jalicience Hegenberger Rd & Baldwin St
El Tio Juan, Foothill and 41st
Guadalajara International Blvd & 44th Ave
El Mazatlan Foothill Blvd & Fruitvale Ave
La Pinata 720 High ST (at Coliseum Way)
La Ultima Cena truck at 98th near the DMV
Los Michoacanos taco truck 3541 International Blvd (near 35th)
Mi Rancho Taco Truck 1st Ave & 1st Ave Pl (where International Ave ends near Lake Merrit)
Playa Azul taco truck Fruitvale and E 12th
Tacos Alonzo, at Foothill Boulevard and 27th
Taco’s Barajito located on West Grand and Adeline
Tacos El Sol E 14th St & High St
Tacos La Perla International Blvd & 52nd Ave
Tacos Los Amigos 5401 International Blvd (corner of 54th)
Tacos Mayra (driveway, south side of 1500 block of Fruitvale)
Tacos Zamorano International Blvd & 48th Ave
Tio Tino International Blvd & 40th Ave Oakland, CA

In this case the “C” list stands for “CARTS”. There are a zillion carts but I just was interested in a few that may or may not be different from the rest

Champurrado Cart International Blvd between 42nd Ave & 41st Ave next to Smart & Final
Dulceria Morella International Blvd & 44th Ave
Ricos Churros Cart International Blvd & 38th Ave
Tamales Colma cart International Blvd & 30th Ave (across from Goodwill)

I love Google maps. I’ve finally organized places (not only food) in one convenient place. I have my map of historic places ... map of great shopping ... plus a lot of food maps like Bay Area European Food, North Bay Farms, Salinas Taco Trucks, etc, etc.

Most people don’t follow the links, but the map is there if anyone is interested. It was for me to avoid the calories of a bad selection, make sure I was zoning in on the hyperdelicious and exploring uncharted territory.

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