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Manners-dining out vs home. Are they different for you?


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Manners-dining out vs home. Are they different for you?

foodieX2 | Feb 16, 2013 08:20 AM

I started thinking about this when reading the "Restaurant rewards well-behaved children" thread. I keep reading and hearing about "restaurant manners" and wonder where this came from. Why are there different expectations when dining out?

I posted the following in that thread, which is how I am raising my child and how I was raised myself. My husband, from another area of the US was also raised the same.

<<I find the key is not to teach "restaurant manners" but manners overall. Why does the fact you are in public change how you should behave?

We have the same expectations at home as we do for eating at friends, a family/casual place or a high end place. Manners are manners.

There are some dining/social etiquettes that are different depending on where we are eating ie: which fork or spoon to use, where to place your napkin upon leaving the table, holding someones chair, etc but proper manners/being polite/being safe is SOP for our family.>>

Have we become a society where manners, being polite and being safe while dining only matter in public?

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