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Mango Pepper Jelly (or Jam?) -- Need a "Tried and True" Recipe


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Mango Pepper Jelly (or Jam?) -- Need a "Tried and True" Recipe

alkapal | Aug 5, 2011 05:03 PM

Does anyone have a recipe for Mango Pepper Jelly (or Jam?) that I can pass along to my dear cousin? The jelly -- or jam perhaps is more accurate -- she seeks is the kind one would serve over cream cheese with crackers (or I'd put on a ham sandwich or a hot biscuit with butter ;). It is the kind of flavor that I associate with a clear jelly having chopped jalapeños and red bell peppers suspended in the jelly. Except my cousin says that there were "No chopped peppers that I could see...just the heat of the peppers." It was "more hot than sweet...a little more "jelled" than apple butter."
Here is her further description: """I would say the heat was on the high side, but not unbearable. consistency is solid enough to sit on the cracker...but not like jam. Using the pain scale....a 6 or 7. Clarity…cloudy. Texture...a tad watery compared to jelly.""

Because it was "cloudy," I'm thinking it is more like a "jam"? Perhaps a better description might be "opaque" as a puree would be -- a jelled puree.

Could one do a fruit-pepper puree and sugar and enough pectin to "set up"? Are there any rules for "ratios" of different fruits to pectin?

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