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new mall or new market??


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new mall or new market??

kseiverd | Sep 27, 2012 02:11 PM

If a new mall AND a new supermarket were having their grand opening on the same day, and you could only go to one... which would it be?

I am NOT a mall person... only go when I HAVE to and then in and out. Did explore a big outlet place in Poconos with SIL and enjoyed it... but not something I need to repeat.

Wegman's, in my area, isn't "on the way" for about 90% of my shopping trips... unfortunately When it opened a few years ago (on a Saturday or Sunday), HADDA go. Remember it being COLD outside, parking in outer Mongolia, getting about 15-20 feet into store and turning around and going home. It was INSANE!! Came back a few days later (during the week) and had a ball exploring.

Have a Bottom Line (think that's what it's called) moving into old Super Fresh site that has been vacant for 2-3 years. Have been in one before. Had pretty much everything you'd ever need... maybe not a ZILLION brands of each, sometime brands that aren't in A or SF... other alternatives for food shopping in my area. You either bring your own bags or pay for them. Looking forward to their grand opening.

So what's your choice... mall or market?

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