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Making Veg. More Interesting (Low Carb.)

Enso | May 29, 2012 07:15 AM

Plain veg. are sometimes a little boring for us. Maybe we need to expand our repertoire of what we eat, how we prepare it, or other aspects of our veg intake...

We like big, bold flavors. Also, I tend to cook several days of food at once, so we can just reheat for a few days. I make the veg plain so we season as we like depending on what flavors we feel like eating at a particular meal.

But our recipes for doing this are too sparse. I'm thinking it would be helpful to make up a couple/few sauces, curries, seasoning mixes, or what-have-you to have on hand in the fridge at the beginning of the week. That way we can select our veg for the next meal and pick something to jazz things up.

Something like a basic curry sauce (onions and/or tomatoes, spices, ghee/oil)--but made without meat or veg so we can versatile-y toss it on and chow down...?

BTW, we don't eat:
wheat and all other grains
corn and potato

Does anyone do something like this? Would love to hear your ideas and recipes!

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