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Making enchiladas with flour tortillas


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Making enchiladas with flour tortillas

Gracemama | Sep 4, 2012 04:15 AM

I was born in the US, and grew up in a low-income neighborhood, surrounded by Mexican families, where our next door neighbors sometimes sent over a steaming stack of fresh tortillas (and where hunch backed Mexican grannies often literally peddled hot, fresh, homemade tamales door to door without being able to speak a word of English, just to make a bit of extra income for their struggling families). These childhood memories probably have something to do with the fact that I still LOVE, and crave, my Mexican food....in spite of the fact that I now live in a small village in Central Europe. You can picture the situation; When I want a bean burrito, I have to make my own flour tortillas from scratch, and my own refried beans starting with dry beans. Etcetera. But it's worth it. Like, I said, I love and crave it. But on to my present dilemma.
I am making enchiladas for my husband's birthday tomorrow, but sadly there will be no corn tortillas. Masa harina is impossible to come by here. I have tried to do tortillas from corn flour made without slaked lime, but it's hopeless. So, yes, enchiladas with flour tortillas...
I know (from experience) that they will be a bit gooey/gluey. I am just trying to figure out a way to, at least, somewhat reduce that effect. And I knew chowhounds would be the right people to help me brainstorm.
So far, I was thinking about skipping the dunking of each tortilla in sauce before rolling, instead stuffing and rolling them up dry and placing them that way in a lightly oiled casserole, then pouring the sauce just over the top and sides. Would that work? Any thoughts on that? Or should I lightly fry my homemade flour tortillas in oil before stuffing +rolling. Any insights here would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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