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Making Cottage Cheese [moved from General Chowhounding Topics board]


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Making Cottage Cheese [moved from General Chowhounding Topics board]

alkapal | May 24, 2011 10:50 PM

this makes me think…people make their own paneer, and people make "farmer cheese." can we easily make our own cottage cheese? the key word there is "easily."


i googled and found this older article from university of missouri. after checking into it, it doesn't seem like "easily" will be the operative word, much to my regret. it also doesn't look like there is much saving at all. according to this article, if one gallon of milk costs $2 <see, i SAID it was an old article> then the cottage cheese is @$1.54 per pound. http://extension.missouri.edu/publica...

""""""""Procedure for making cottage cheese

There are two distinct procedures for making cottage cheese:

The "long-set" method produces a small curd, high acid cheese, and takes about 15 hours to complete….. made without rennet……. may be called "acid curd," "Country style," or "Farmer's cheese."
The "short-set" method produces a large curd, low-acid cheese...made with rennet and takes about five hours to complete…...may be called "sweet curd," "flake type," "rennet curd," or "popcorn cheese." The use of rennet shortens the making process, produces larger curds and reduces the shattering of curd that leads to losses of cheese in the whey.


Under the most ideal conditions, cottage cheese made at home is not likely to be as good as that bought from the dairy shelf. On the other hand, making cheese at home can provide a high quality food at medium cost. It may be consumed alone or with any other food item."""""""""

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