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NOW Magazine Best of Toronto Survey

Jonathan C. | Nov 3, 2003 07:07 PM

Fellow Chowhounds,

I was distressed to read the results of NOW Magazine's Best of Toronto readers' Poll Winners. For those of you who have not see the results, I'l excerpt a few of the results.

Best Burger: Lick's; Harvey's (runner-up)

Best BBQ Chicken: Swiss Chalet

Best Cappuccino: Starbuck's; Second Cup (runner-up)

Best Chinese: Mandarin

Best Deli Lunch: Shopsy's; Druxy's (runner-up)

Best Greek: Mr. Greek

Best Italian: Il Fornello (runner-up)

Best Pizza: Pizza Pizza (runner-up)

Best Place for Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins (runner-up)

Best Sandwhich: Subway (runner-up)

Best Seafood: Red Lobster

Best Steak: The Keg

So many of the results are laughable I'm almost tempted to think the results are a joke. Either that or we Chowhounds need to to do some serious educating. I'd could sort of understand the results if NOW was some suburban weekly but it's supposed to be the downtown hipsters' magazine.

Sometimes the results are plausible (e.g. Lee Garden is runner up in the Chinese category) but Pizza Pizza? Subway? What a joke!


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