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Macrobioticafe, Primrose Hill/Camden, London

limster | Oct 11, 200901:32 PM

A newish place on Regent's Park Road, probably been open for quite a while.

A tempura of noodles, nori and carrot has a fairly prominent carrot flavour, despite just slivers and the noodles (forgot which type) were softly chewy. Flavours came together pleasantly -- imagine a maki made with noodles instead of rice, and then sliced, battered at both ends, then deep fried. Nothing bad about the batter, but nothing exceptional -- pieces were served from a plate that was prepared beforehand, so non of the piping hot freshness from the fryer. The quality is more homemade than refined (and perhaps this could be said of all their food) and on the whole rather tasty with a little drizzle of the soy sauce. ~£2 for 2 pieces.

Lunch bento box was a treat with many parts, nearly all very lightly seasoned, and as a result one was mostly tasting the items on their own terms. Miso soup was excellent, light but deep, with shiitake mushroom slices and onion; they use just regular miso, but say that the stock is the special part and a secret. Other parts include a salad of kabocha/Japanese pumpkin with walnuts dressed with a light Japanese yellow curry overtone. Then a very applely cous cous (made with apple juice?), sweetened with carrot shreds and apple. A homey croquette made of (if I get this right) potato and tofu that somehow seemed more baked than pan fried, with a cherry tomato embedded in the centre, not really super crispy on the outside, perhaps just the thinnest bit of golden browning. A pile of salad with contrasting broccoli, wakame seawwed, and dandelion greens. Served with brown rice and their variant of furikake (a topping for rice) which was quite aromatic with sesame seeds and other nutty flavours. And I loved their little pickles - mushroom and daikon, alternating tangy and crisp £10.

A hot drink made from grated ginger and maple syrup was heartwarming, and enlivened by just the right amount of zesty acidity from two thin lemon slices. £3.

A "cheesecake" made with tofu was interesting, was a good soya bean flavour in the dense cake that was topped by a thin film of some berry-based jelly for fruit and sweetness, and laid on base consisting of coarsely ground nuts and perhaps other things. £3ish

Very good, somewhat inexpensive food, with light but vivid watercolour flavours. Definitely worth checking out.

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