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Lost In Translation - Pandan cake mix, HELP!


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Lost In Translation - Pandan cake mix, HELP!

Lynndsey Rigberg | Jul 20, 2009 08:04 PM

Hi chowhounds,

While in Malaysia, I fell in love with Pandan cake. I recently went to an Indonesian market and lo and behold, there was a boxed mix of this wonderful looking honeycomb cake.

But once I took it home, there are some confusing things on the instructions and I'm hoping someone who understands this recipe can tell me if I can or should take these instructions verbatim:

The recipe calls for 6 eggs (3 whole eggs + 3 yolks). These are to be beaten for FIVE minutes at high speed until its foamy (this seems like a REALLY LONG TIME).

From this point on, the recipe seems OK:

Then recipe says to mix in the rest of the ingredients (the cake mix, instant yeast (included in mix), 300CC coconut milk.
Then it says to leave mixture for 90 minutes to let it rise.
Grease pans, and then heat pan in oven for 10 minutes. And then bake.

I guess the only really weird part is how long the eggs mix for - it just seems like 5 minutes at high speed would break down the protein structure of the eggs, no?

Thanks for any advice!

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