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Lost Pasta Recipe. Maybe you can help!


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Lost Pasta Recipe. Maybe you can help!

midnightferret | Jul 20, 2010 08:28 AM

Hello everyone,

I haven't joined before now because so far the answer to every question I've had has been at Chowhound. I'm also somewhat of a neophyte foodie, as it were.

I'm searching for a pasta recipe that meets these requirements:

I think it was linguine, but it could have been angel hair. It definitely had yellow or orange bell pepper in it, and asparagus. There was also prosciutto or pancetta, but I may have added that myself. I may also have added the asparagus, but I don't think so. The final product included a bit of pasta water and cheese (probably Reggiano, which is what I bought.) It may or may not have included white wine. (I would prefer if it did...)

Yeah, so I practically have it, right? My issue is that I'm not familiar with "sauceless" pastas, and I want to make sure tonight's pasta is as good as the other one was. The vegetables were tender-crisp but didn't taste raw, and everything blended really well together. I'm sure it's a matter of the order of ingredients and cooking times. Help me get it together? Thank you!

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