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Los Angeles Ultimate Restaurant Poll (2009) ... How accurate?


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Los Angeles Ultimate Restaurant Poll (2009) ... How accurate?

ipsedixit | Dec 15, 2009 08:10 PM

Our fellow 'hound, maxzook, has once again graciously taken up the task of compiling the Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurant Poll, the results of which you can find in the links below: Post 1 of 2 Post 2 of 2

My question is, how accurate do you think those results are?

I don't mean "accurate" in whether maxzook can add and organize the results, as if a hanging chad might have been counted twice, or not at all.

Rather, my question is how accurate is the poll of the relative qualities of Los Angeles restaurants.

For example, the "Over $25" category has Pizzeria Mozza as the 3rd best resaurant, behind only Providence and The Bazaar. Really? Are there only 2 other restaurants in all of LA County that are better than Pizzeria Mozza?

Or that Urasawa, coming in at No. 6, actually has 5 other restaurants that are better than it??? Really? Have those people dined at Urasawa? How many vodka martinis would you have to have to think that Pizzeria Mozza is "better" than Urasawa?

In other words, how much credibility do you put in the poll?

Just curious about your thoughts.

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