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Long Island sources of grass fed, pastured, humanely and sustainably raised meat and dairy

mcf | Feb 3, 201012:36 PM

This topic was raised in another topic, but it seemed like it might be very useful to have a dedicated thread to sources of all the above including stores, farmer's markets and individual farms.

Some of us want to know that our food comes from humanely treated animals, or from eco friendly, sustainable practices, or want the healthiest, purest we can buy and some want all the above. Some care about humane certification. I don't care about that label as long as I can find information on the farms involved or the store's standards for their products. I figure if a dairy cow is grass fed, it's living a superior quality of life to factory farmed critters.

Some folks care about buying locally produced farm products more than others.

I buy grass fed milk from Fairway in Plainview, more rarely at Wild by Nature. Seasonally, at least, I'm able to buy Organic Valley butter from grass fed cows.

I know I've seen info about LI farms that sell their own products directly spread out in other threads, so maybe Coll and who know such sources will be kind enough (noodge, noodge) to add those here?

I have yet to shop at my closest poultry and organic produce farmer, Makinajian's in Huntington, but will report here when I finally do.

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