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Lodge Outpost Hibachi Grill?


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Lodge Outpost Hibachi Grill?

Phylloxera | Jul 20, 2002 04:11 PM

I was flipping through the latest Sur La Table catalogue before throwing it out and I saw that with their full line of Lodge pans they now carry a Lodge Outpost Hibachi Grill. This seems like a great piece, especially because the grill is set on a post which allows you to swing it away from the bed of coals and thus either remove your chosen food from the heat or add coals to the fire. The only conceivable drawback that I saw was the size of the grilling surface. It's rather small but as I mostly cook for 2 or 4 people it's big enough I think.

Has anyone used this grill? Has anyone not used this grill because they already know it's shortcomings? I 'd love feedback as I might waltz down to the local Sur La Table and buy this thing; I had a big night of poker last week and my winnings are burning a whole in my pocket.

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