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Lobster Blues


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Lobster Blues

Bellachefa | Jul 20, 2014 12:23 PM

Many times on this forum I have recommended tourists just go to a fish market or grocer that will steam them at market price and have a picnic at the hotel or the beach.

I've not ordered a regular steamed/boiled lobster at a restaurant for many years. I have had a few lobster rolls, which are usually lacking from what I prepare at home - steamed fresh, and if a taste of the tomalley is fresh and sweet that goes in the bowl too with a gentle dollop of Hellmans on a freshly buttered and girdled top split hot dog bun.

So yesterday on sale at S&S I bought 3 lobsters. All were alive and kicking. But the largest was meh. It had a metallic blah taste. The claws were so hard that it was either the countertop, the trash or a power tool. The trash won sadly, but only because the tail meat was meh.

And this is why I won't order the most basic lobster preparation out. it's a toss of the dice. The other lobsters were sweet.

But I can't imagine paying top tariff and eating the third as a tourist. I would never understand just how sweet and wonderful north atlantic lobster can be.

I've always advice people that that lobster should be flapping in the wind when taken out of the tank. Alas that is still no guarantee.

We in New England are lucky to have some misses.

Off to griddle another Arnold's hot dog roll all warm and buttery and fill it with the sweet chilled lobster!

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