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Lobel's Wagyu Questions

Aaron D | Mar 14, 2004 07:53 AM

So, through a brilliant synergy of offers, I received in the mail on Friday, for $15.98, two 12 oz. Wagyu boneless rib steaks (ribeyes) and 2 lbs. of Wagyu ground beef.

A few questions...

1)How long will their croyvaced packages last in the fridge? We've had unexpected company the past few days, and I'm reluctant to make two steaks for three people.

2)Cooking the steak. I'm a little diappointed that the steak is only 3/4 inch thick. I know it's only 12 oz, but I'd think for their prices they could cut them at least an inch and trim a little more around the edges. Anyway, this width (and does Wagyu cook more quickly?) leads me to believe that the cast iron pan fry method would only require 2 to 3 minutes per side, and no finishing time in the oven, for medium rare. I think I may do this for one and throw the other on the grill. Any other suggestions?

3)What's the best way to use Wagyu ground beef? Does it make a good burger? I would never pay the 35 bucks a lb they threw in free with my order (along with their recent 2-for-1 maybe Lobel's is having trouble selling their Wagyu), but are there any ground beef preparations that highlight more or less the higher/different qualities of Wagyu?



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