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Limon - bizarrely awful service

Absonot | Jan 30, 200601:29 PM

Had a bizarre experience here with my BF last Friday …with the exception of the ceviche, the food was VERY disappointing (either too bland or too salty and I’m a salt lover). But the real reason for my post is the service here. It was headscratchingly awful.

First, I had to deal with my chair being constantly bumped by waiters as they tried to serve the table next to me – and I had scooted in so much my spleen was aching. And if it weren’t for my exceptional peripheral vision and quick reflexes, I surely would have received an elbow in my left eye at least once.

Then, our own waiter clearly wasn’t listening when we talked. When I asked him about the difference between two cream ceviches, he proceeded to tell me what ceviche WAS in a tired, I’ve-said-it-a-million-times way. When he was done, I repeated my question and he finally answered it, without recognizing it was the same question I had initially asked.

Finally, when we received our entrees. I got the dish I ordered, but the plate they put in front of my BF was not the Saltado he’d ordered (and pointed at on the menu while he was ordering btw), it was the snapper. We made them aware of the error, and the manager (who delivered the dishes) seemed very confused and summoned the waiter over.

The waiter asked my BF incredulously “you didn’t order this?” To which BF said no, and then repeated what he DID order – the saltado. “The chicken saltado?” the waiter repeated back. “No, the regular sirloin saltado – the first thing on the menu” BF nicely repeated AGAIN, making it as specific as possible. Waiter consulted his pad of paper with a furrowed brow.

Ten or so minutes later, my BF receives his entree. Only it was the chicken saltado, not the sirloin. So for the second time, they prepared and delivered the wrong dish. We summoned the waiter over, he asks BF again, with a note of impatience in his voice “you didn’t want chicken saltado?” And AGAIN BF says, no I wanted sirloin…the waiter offered to make it, but at this point I’m pretty much finished with my entrée and BF was too hungry to care. He ate it, I tried it, and I must say it was awful. I’m sure it was because of a rushed preparation, but I’ve had better at food courts. A kitchen shouldn’t let food go out like that. I mean, if we waited ten minutes for crappy, we can wait twenty minutes for good. But I digress…

To their credit, they were never “rude” and did take the saltado off our bill, but what are we to make of such cluelessness?

My poor BF felt like HE was in the wrong – like his voice wasn’t loud enough. Never mind the fact that he lifted up the menu and POINTED at the dish while he was requesting it.

Moreover, the main function of a server is to convey what you want to the kitchen, then bring it out to you. If it’s a loud place, the server needs to make sure he/she has it right. The onus is on the server to make sure they know what you want, isn’t it? Innocent mistakes happen, but TWICE? I’ve been to places twice as loud as Limon and the waiters know to make sure they hear you correctly…and they usually repeat the order back…which our waiter never did.

I must say, for a $71 dinner (even with the entrée taken off), this is not an acceptable level of service. And this guy was clearly not new to the job. Rather, he seemed to be on auto pilot, making a lot of assumptions about what we wanted. He cost his employer two entrees, and two patrons who are never coming back (and never recommending the place to their friends). It’s too bad, because I really loved this place on a previous visit.

Has anyone else ever experienced this level of service? Or was our waiter just having a really really bad day?

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