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GO -- Leong's Legend, Chinatown, London

limster | Jun 15, 200812:17 PM

Expertly made xiao3 long2 bao1 (xlb) are a rarity -- Leong's version is one of the finest I've had in recent years (I recall a whole bunch of posts on these dumplings on the General Chowhounding Topics board, worthwhile to do a search there). Very delicate skins, not mushy, perfectly seasoned filling -- subtle but flavourful, consisting of tender minced pork and elegant soup. They fall short of perfection in that the topknot, where the folds of the skins come together, on the thick side. Nevertheless this is serious world class stuff. BTW, they have a crab and pork version of xlb as well.

There's a technique to eating these dumpings, this thread offers some: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/18762

According to the front of the menu (in Chinese), the chef used to cook at at Taiwan's Din Tai Fung, a restaurant that built their name on xlb, which was what convinced me to pick xlb instead of the oyster pancake that I originally had in mind.

Glutinous rice steamed in a bamboo pot with a few little bits of mushroom and dried shrimp was very good, the texture of rice just right, but the seasoning was not even and there were a few blank patches as a result.

Crispy shredded turnip (luo2 po4 si1 su1 bing4) consists of an incredibly light and puffy pastry shell on the outside and a starchy filling with shredded turnip in all its vegetable sweetness. Another high point.

The menu also claims that the sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf (nuo4 mi3 ji1) is also one of the chef's signature dishes. Will be getting that next time. For now, I would suggest ordering the dishes on the menu with stars next to them as they seem to be the recommendations from the chef.

If the other dishes are as good as the ones I had, this is going to be an awesome place.

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