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Leonard Nimoy's In Search of...Great Wonton Soup


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Leonard Nimoy's In Search of...Great Wonton Soup

malcarne | Oct 27, 2003 10:56 PM

Outside of questioning those inscrutable Easter Island heads so beloved of Mssr. Nimoy, I proffer this humble entreaty to the Chicago chowhounds; where to find GREAT wonton soup? No matter my culinary adventures vis a vis the Asian kitchen diaspora I inevitably crave a wholesome, comforting wonton soup. The concoction at once simple(a great chicken stock---never SIMPLISTIC) and complex(the work-intensive fabrication of dumplings). I prefer a strong chicken stock(who doesn't?) perhaps annointed with sesame oil---unfortunately, I've found Chinese-American restaurants in Chicago most often falter at this most significant base---the chicken stock is weak, nee' non-existent, a virtual-essence. I crave CHICKEN stock(not colored water). I'm NOT a fan of the Southeast Asian decidedly fishy versions of wonton soup. No shrimp leftovers, etc. for me please. I prefer pork, perhaps minced chicken bathed in the ubiquitous xiaoxing wine enrobed with cascades of dumpling dough unveiling their bounty in the warming, saline broth. The best "wonton" soup I ever put to my lips I encountered in a tiny 6 booth Korean restaurant(prosaically named, Korean Restaurant) in Athens, Ohio in the early 90's. I've haven't encountered it's exquisite like since: a milky broth, delicate mandu, cracked black pepper. That's enough. Just simple. Just perfection. Chickeny chicken broth, delicate, tensile dumplings, black pepper, green onion slivers. Oy veh. I understand that wonton soup is a pad thai of Chinese American cuisine. I'm an inveterate soup lover. Any favorites?

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