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lemon mousse - "science" question


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lemon mousse - "science" question

magnolia | Aug 17, 2001 06:05 AM

OK, I have a recipe for Lemon Mousse (I seem to be obsessed these days with creamy desserts!) that calls for the following:

- dissolve gelatin into fresh squeezed lemon juice
- beat whole eggs and sugar into this when it has cooled slightly
- then fold in whipped cream

I have made this twice, and both times - in spite of my best efforts to mix well, I get a heavier, more pudding-like texture than I got when making the chocolate mousse (recipes kindly provided by 'hounds).

The chocolate mousse recipe I used called for separating the eggs and fluffing up the whites, then folding in - along with whipped cream.

However none of the lemon mousse recipes I have found seem to call for this, so I'm wondering if there's a specific reason NOT to separate the eggs and try this, What I'd like to do is separate the eggs, and mix in the yolks only with the lemon juice/gelatin...and then beat the whites with the sugar, and fold it in like w/chocolate mousse. But I'm wondering if there's a contraindication to mixing the yolks alone with the lemon? Will they explode or something?

Any/all ideas for a moussier lemon mousse most welcome!

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