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Is it legal to carry lardo into the U.S.?


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Is it legal to carry lardo into the U.S.?

nrxchef | Dec 21, 2006 10:19 PM

I brought a package of lardo into the U.S. and I'm not sure whether I've broken Agricultural Dept. importation rules. The lardo is dated and stamped with a lot number, from Da Amerigo in Sevigno (Emilia Romagna). I'm curious about this product--is it merely cured like prosciutto? Is it pasteurized and/or cooked in some way? It's cryovac'ed, and still attached to skin with bristles--yet it's pure white with no visible veins/tissues/nerves. I was told that two related products are made from the pig's fat back--the semi-solid, fibrous part is made into cicioli (which is sometimes fried and sold as a snack, sometimes just sliced v. thin), the rendered creamy white stuff into lardo. So the lardo is cooked, not cured, and therefore legal. Any thoughts?

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