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LeCreuset; seems a little tighter on replacement policy?

marys1000 | Dec 30, 201108:13 AM

I got my first set of LC back in the 70's. At some point I sent in my smallest sauce pan and later? the larger saucepan. I got a similar replacement for the small sauce pan, black handle and different shape than the wooden handle kind but basically the same thing. Somehow I got a saucier pan with a metal handle in return for the other wood handled sauce pan which was a bit of a weird surprise.
At some point I ruined my 2 qt DO by burning sugar water. I never got around to sending it in, I remember buying a new DO. The newest one however the shiny enamel has come off and its not me. I've been in a new location for 4 years and there is a higher mineral content here, don't know if that's it. Its not super bad, just dull on the bottom and if I boil water I imagine I see a little white film or something on top of the water.......
So its been awhile and I google where/how to return LC since I've l lost the address. I find an old Chowhound thread (2006) where someone said they took theirs to a store for a replacement. So I check the LC site and call the nearest. Nope, they absolutely don't do that. Get the phone number to replacements.
The woman on the phone asks some questions like how long have you had it, where did you buy it and are you the original owner and says
"you can mail in your LC for an evaluation" and they will send you the closest thing they have if they no longer make that exact item. If you send it it they don't return them" If you choose to proceed she gives you a pre-something..coordinated? number to put on the box and in the box and the address to send it to.
What I forgot to ask is - if your problem doesn't meet their evaluation - do they still not send it back?
They had me on file at my current address and I can't remember sending anything back from here. I feel like I don't dare send in both dutch oven's (the 2 qt is what I use all the time. I no longer make sugar water for the hummingbird feeder in my LC) and don't feel I'm particularly hard on my cookware, I'm only cooking simple stuff for one.
Anyway since the posts I found about LC replacement were sort of old (not that there aren't newer ones I didn't find) I thought I'd post my experience so far.
The phone number to get a mail in number is: 1-877-273-8738
Address is
Le Creuset
114 Bob Gifford Blvd
Early Branch South Carolina 29916

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