HELP! Le Creuset Transport?


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HELP! Le Creuset Transport?

theamusedbouche | Aug 8, 2011 08:28 AM

Hi Chowhounders,
I live in downtown DC and I don't have a car. I also love cooking and often bring casseroles, stews, roasts to friend's houses and picnics.
The problem is that I cannot find any good way to transport a hot Le Creuset pan! I have the round 3 quart, the oval 7 quart, and a round 5 qt braiser.
I also have some general casserole type dishes that need some help in the transport department!
One big problem is that most of the "casserole carriers' out there aren't REALLY meant to be carried, they are meant to be brought out to the car, and that's it. Case in point, the Rachel Ray carriers, which insulate great, but you can't carry them by the handles if the casserole is full or else the velcro comes apart.
I have also found many (on Etsy etc) that caution against putting anything heavy in there. A full cast iron dutch oven IS HEAVY!

I need something that is REALLY for transporting - that I can walk with, or even bike with!

While I never bring all these dishes at once, I would like to find something that fits at least a few of them so as not to have 5 different cases.

I have scoured the internet and come up with nothing - does anyone have any suggestions?

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