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Le Creuset--is dulling inevitable?

pyleg | Feb 23, 2008 10:15 AM

Brand new Dutch oven comes in as a gift two months ago. I've treated it as nicely as a pot can be short of leaving it boxed. I've done and not done everything Le Creuset told me to do and not do. No dishwasher--no scouring--no boiling dry. I bought their own cleaner and wash the thing with Dawn and a sponge. And it's still dull!

Not dull like it was abraided (discernable scratches or wear patterns), or like something was burned on (a pattern, like on the bottom of the pot). It is just a perfectly uniform dull, non-glossy off-white, except about an eighth of an inch away from the exposed iron on the rim, where it still is a little shiny. The inside of the lid is also still glossy.

The dulling hasn't affected anything so far for me. And I understand it is still useable for every purpose I was likely to use it for. I'm only complaining because Le Creuset claims the glossiness of the enamel gives it some non-stick quality and asks you to take precautions and buy special products to maintain it. I feel like I've lost the use of some wonderful part of the pot's potential functionality and the justification for charging 200-800% the price of competing brands.

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