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LC color Dune?

dixiegal | Feb 29, 201205:21 PM

Well I decided to go ahead and order a 6 3/4 wide round dutch oven. Since they have been discontinued, they are hard to find on the internet. After much thought, I decided on the dune color. I watch Ina Garten and see her dune LC pots and found myself very attracted to them. I already have a Carribean and Kiwi round dutch oven and thought the dune would look nice with those. The oven arrived today and I was disappointed when I took it out of the box because it appears to have almost no gradient coloring. It might be a shade of difference if you look close and in the correct lighting.
I do like the lower sides and wider cooking surface, and I believe I will like it better than my 7.5 qt oven for a lot of things. And the Dune color does look good with the kiwi and caribbean,(brings out the colors of my other two pots as well as most any other color. Even white) but I am so bummed about the gradient coloring being so faint if at all.

So did I just get an off color pot, or is this the way all the dune pots are colored? That is the risk of ordering. But we no longer have any LC stores any where near me. The only one somewhat close (45min drive) closed down.:o(

Oh well, maybe it will grow on me. Food will probably look good in it. I see more and more of the dune on the cooking shows.

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