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Lansdale Farmers Market Bars Alice Bakery


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Lansdale Farmers Market Bars Alice Bakery

Unkle Al | May 1, 2013 01:36 PM

A few days ago I received an email message from Lansdale Farmers Market noting the opening dates and other information. I tried to learn who would be the vendors this year but they did not have a list yet.

My two favorite booths are Mainly Mushrooms (based in Doylestown) and Alice Bakery and Confectionary (based in North Wales).

Mainly Mushrooms is unusual because he has all types of rare mushrooms, including fresh porcinis that are very, very difficult to find anywhere else in the suburbs. The quality is superior and the knowledge of Chris, the owner, extensive.

Alice Bakery and Confectionary is also unusual, they bake bread better than any in the county and the equal of any in the city. They are also a superior patisserie making among the finest croissants and French pastries in the county and the equal of any in the city. They are probably the only bakery in the area to use King Arthur Flour which is more expensive and high fat butter and all natural flavorings etc. We are more than lucky to have them in this community. Furthermore, their success, and they are very successful, is all the more amazing because two other bakeries in North Wales have recently gone out of business.

I went into Alice Bakery today to pick up a baguette and mentioned the Lansdale Farmers Market. I was told by Dennis Darr, the owner and baker, that the farmers market had declined his entry this year. I was absolutely blown away. Alice Bakery has been at the market for the past two years (I think since the bakery opened). Mr.Darr showed me a letter he received from the farmers market confirming their rejection. Honestly, the letter was cold and unsigned and gave no reasons for the rejection. First of all it is a less than smart decision to exclude one of the finest bakeries in the county and second of all shocking that the operators of the market did not have the common decency to contact Mr.Darr personally to explain their decision. Amazingly, not only did they reject his entry they cashed his check for several hundred dollars.

The fact of the matter is that Lansdale Farmers Market is not the greatest. I go every week because it is near my home. But, there is nary a farmer that is certified to sell organic produce and the only other baker is very, very commercial.

It ain’t right!!!!!!!

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