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Lament: All my friends are food wimps!! (long)


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Lament: All my friends are food wimps!! (long)

pixellle | Jul 2, 2006 04:15 PM

My friends and husband are all food wimps -- or at least, so not chowhounds. It's so frustrating! The latest manifestation of this is a recent trip to Chinatown.

After having lived in NYC for 16 years, I've now been out in Stamford, CT for the last 13 yrs with hubby and young child. So I don't get into the City anywhere near as much as I'd like -- so a trip to Chinatown is an event. What's more, no kid this time, and it wasn't for dim sum -- if it were, I'd know exactly where to go and what to get.

So, I did my research and picked my top eight places that I wanted to check out. I'd envisioned strolling around, looking at this place and that, then deciding on which to try. Instead my group decided that they wanted to "just get there already!" (To be fair, my 16-yr old niece wasn't feeling well.) So, we hastily picked the closest place to where we were (Ping's) and settled in.

OK, so we were six of us. I assumed we'd pour over the menu, find the interesting, the unusual, and order family-style. Wrong. Each decided to pick "their" dish, and you know what they-all picked? Shrimp with lobster sauce. General Tsao's Chicken. Mixed seafood in white sauce. OOooohh!! what a waste! I was torn between the duck's tongue (choice of styles, either fried or sauteed, or frog's legs two ways, or minced squap with pine nuts in lettuce leaves (not so unusual but usually delicious). But I couldn't be responsible for eating three or four dishes by myself! I did end up ordering two dishes and taking home leftovers. But whenever I want to do chowhound-ish things, my husband thinks it's a waste of time and I don't have the chowhound-ish friends! Arrrrgggh!

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