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Lamb's Club Bar Room Restaurant Week- what do you think of these events?


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Lamb's Club Bar Room Restaurant Week- what do you think of these events?

misnatalie | Jan 20, 2013 04:25 PM

I wanted to write about my recent RW dinner at the Lambs Club Bar Room. I had a friend who always wanted to go to The Lambs Club as they are a tv fan of Geoffrey Zakarian. I have never been interested in going but saw they were participating in RW so decided to make us reservations. I have been to my fair share of RW lunches and dinners over the years and have also been to most of the top restaurants in the city (Per Se, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, etc). In all my years of dining out I never had this happen I felt like a second class citizen. I'm not sure if it was because they just didn't want to be bothered with RW or if it was pink hair and tattoos (but this is NY and it has never been an issue). I'd love your input.

I returned the reservationist's call to confirm dinner at which time they asked if I would be participating in RW. I said most likely but was not sure. I figured my friend would as I was treating and they did not want to take advantage. I was not sure if I would since I usually can't have a dessert since I am intolerant to dairy which is in many desserts and their RW menu was not online so I did not know if I would like the options.

When we arrived at the hostess desk and gave my name they did not ask to take our coats or show us a coat rack, they did not seat us, they as again if we would be participating in RW. I say again possibly depending on the menu. They immediately handed me the RW menu as we stood there at the desk waiting for me to choose....seriously? It was so strange and I felt totally pressured. I asked her do I have to decide now, she says yes. I say why is there different seating for those participating in RW. She says yes (we are already in the Bar Room not their dining room). I asked to just be seated in the RW section and be given a regular menu as well.

Looking over the menus I decide to go with the RW menu and just skip the dessert I ordered the crudo and the shortribs with port cabbage, my friend had the salad, cod and pistachio cake. I told the waiter I cannot have dairy and to please check with the chef that the shortribs would be ok. I say I would also do the cod if there was dairy in the shortribs (which I did not think there would be) and that they could exclude any sauce or garnish and I would just take just the protein. The waiter comes back and says that my only option is the duck. I do not like duck (and was pretty surprised that the chef could not cook a piece of cod or shortribs without dairy) . I as for the regular menu back, I briefly look at it and just ask the waiter to ask the chef what entree would be able to be prepared without dairy (I did not want to keep going back and forth and other than duck or lamb I would have eaten any of the entrees). The waiter returns says the chef will make the I'm worried first you couldn't now you can. What will I be eating?

The food was fine except my friend's salad had pieces of lettuce so big they had to be cut to be eaten.

I also thought I had walked into a person using the toilet when I went to the rest room. I opened up the door and saw someone squatting down, I let out a little surprised sound and started to apologize as she said no come in. I realized it was just the bathroom attendant. She sat squat against the wall the whole time talking on the phone. They won't take your coat but will have a ladies room attendant (who did not move from her place).

I am not one to complain but has anyone else experienced this "separate seating" for RW or such pressure to be on the spot like that?

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