Laguiole tableware advice needed


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Laguiole tableware advice needed

jhamiltonwa | Dec 30, 2012 11:33 PM

Hi. I think I heard or read that like "Sabatier", the name "Laguiole" is used by many different makers of varying levels of quality, from the highest to very low. Is this true? If it is can anyone direct me to where I might learn how to make my way through that maze?

In particular I'm looking for some table cutlery and I have found Laguiole "Debutante" range that falls suspiciously in my price range. It says made in France, so that's something, but...

PS It was always my ambition when I had a couple of hundred spare to get a top of the range corkscrew and Laguiole made the one I wanted. I was waiting for that moment when I could indulge in paying a ridiculous price for something I could get for $2 that did the same job . Since then stelvin screw caps have taken over here in Australia, even in the upper echelons of wine producers. Glad I never got round to buying that corkscrew. I got a $5 one that I use a few times a year.

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