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AndeB | May 16, 200510:35 AM

Had dinner there last night. First the criticism. I don't know if it's because the place just opened and they're working out the kinks but the service was awful. They couldn't get our orders correct - orders for crepes brought out omlettes instead. Additionally, maybe the kitchen was in the weeds, but they were extremely slow in getting the food to the table.

Regarding the food. Our table of 4 ordered one soup, 2 savory crepes, one pasta, and 2 dessert crepes. The french onion soup was ok - lacking a real richness/ depth of flavor. Plus, one of the joys of good french onion soup is lots of onions and cheese - both were lacking. I tasted the swiss cheese crepe. It was tasty but it just lacked something plus there was wasn't much substance to it. I sampled the pasta dish - it was rigatoni. Sauce had artichoke in it. Nice flavor. But the fresh baby artichokes weren't cooked enough to be tender.

I would say the dessert crepes were the best thing. I ordered the Dulche de Leche crepe with whipped cream which was really quite delicious. It was my favorite part of the meal.

I walked away being disappointed. I would love to see this place succeed, but I didn't really love it. I'm underwhelmed. My plan is to wait a bit to see if they get their service issues worked out and try it again, but my gut is that I won't be eating meals there. Just dessert.

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