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Krispy Kreme

David | Jun 15, 2005 08:02 PM

Wednesday is "pastry day" at the office. We each take turns bringing in some sort of breakfast pastry every Wednesday morning. I love it when someone buys croissants from a local bakery. I'm happy even with muffins from Costco.

But whenever someone brings in Krispy Kreme, I cringe. "Not Krispy Kreme again," I mutter to myself. Their donuts didn't use to repulse me. I mean, it was fine when it was a novelty around about 1999 when the first one opened here in Southern California. Even though I never liked it all that much even then, now I just loathe them.

Eating one just now, against my better judgement, has left a disgusting greasy film and acrid taste in my mouth and an itchy irritation at the back of my throat. This awful aftertaste can't seem to be washed away, even with cup after cup of hot tea.

What is it with this stuff? Is it just me?

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