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There a "kosher" board; why not halal or vegetarian boards?

John Manzo | Mar 28, 200803:01 PM

I don't understand this. Every observant Muslim in the world- more than a billion people- keeps halal, but there is no board for them. And given the fact that vegetarianism is as much a religious demand as it is a "lifestyle" pretty much everywhere on this planet, why is there not a vegetarian board? Chow isn't just about arcane regional interests any more and this should be updated. I might add that such boards would be beyond "national" (as if only Americans are "kosher" or eat at "chains" but I'll save that for another rant) since it truly would represent chowhound's engagement with international eaters.

Yes, people can and do ask about halal or veg/vegan matters on other boards, but the same can be done very easily for kosher matters. I'm not asking that the kosher board be eliminated, but would like to see this matter addressed.

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