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Help with knife repair!

twyst | Apr 27, 201206:45 PM

I have an old moritaka petty that has an issue with blade geometry I'd like to fix. I think that I damaged the knife while learning how to properly use the edgepro a year or so ago and would like to try to fix the situation now, but Im still relatively new to sharpening and dont know the best method to fix my mistake.

The problem is that the cutting edge is not completely straight, when the knife is placed cutting edge down on the board a small amount of light can be seen coming from underneath the middle of the blade meaning the entire edge is not able to contact the board. What is the best method for everning out the edge with my edgepro? Is there a trick to it or do I just have to eyeball it and hope for the best as I grind away at the two ends?

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