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knife noob has questions...


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knife noob has questions...

montrealeater | Dec 7, 2011 06:07 PM

The two knives i currently use for basically all my kitchen tasks are mostly dead. One (and I'm not IDing what it actually is, because it's embarassing) is just about to fall apart and the other one, a Henckels chef's knife, is too heavy for me to use properly.

If you could have 3 knives, max, in your kitchen, what would they be (style, not brand)?

I am interested in Japanese knives and am leaning towards a santoku rather than another chef's knife. Possible bad idea?

Am also leaning towards a nikiri and a boning knife. Does 'boning knife', with reference to Japanese knives, mean everything or just fish (see, I know nothing)? I'd like a knife I can bone out pork and beef with as well as fillet fish. I'd also like to be able to very finely chop herbs and certain vegetables. And I need knives that can do many tasks, not super specialized ones.

Thoughts? Could I get away with 2, not 3? I am interested in general thoughts as well as specific recommendations. Thanks. :)

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