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No Knead No butter No Bake - Summer time Guotie Mantou


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No Knead No butter No Bake - Summer time Guotie Mantou

HLing | Aug 11, 2009 11:10 PM

There's been ideas in my head for many things at once, but it started with me pondering what to do with the amazingly delicious yet fragile Ronnybrook Heavy Cream that won't keep long in the fridge. Can I use it to make bread maybe? I googled it, but seems there are no proper bread recipe using heavy cream. Butter for Brioche, yes, but not heavy cream. Wait, but you can make butter by whipping heavy cream, right? So I'll just pretend I live on a dairy farm and I'm going to use the "pre-butter".

I'm also doing my wet stone grinding germinated wheatberry, which ends up with a much wetter dough. Not really any recipe for that either, except that it does resemble a poolish, and smells wonderfully fragrant. I got a chance to try out the whipped heavy cream in the bread with a highly hydrated dough a couple of times when it wasn't yet summery hot in an AC-less apartment. I got very moist, almost cake-like crumb. Worked well for sticky bun dough, too. I've done one batch where it basically did the slow rising in the refrigerator, as the apartment eventually got too warm for slow-rise. It works in the fridge even with just 1/4 tsp of yeast.
But now, even with slow-rising in the fridge, it's way too hot to turn on the oven to bake the bread. I guess I need to put the project on hold for a while....

So then today, I was trying for the 3rd time to cook my not quite perfect dumplings, thinking that I'll use the square electric skillet with a high lid and a vent to make these dumplings pot-sticker style. It turned out well for these dumplings that are slightly too thick-skinned and slightly too soft filling....which was good...but...something else kept going off in my mind....trying to tell me something....a picture formed ! (http://picasaweb.google.com/HLingHLin...)

I realized that I can continue with my heavy cream dough making in the summer time using this skillet to make Guotie Mantou (Pot-sticker Steam Buns)!

well, as i type I'm realizing that this post probably won't find many echos in the chow community...so pardon me if this is all a bit far out.

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