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KitchenAid stand mixer: Artisan vs. Accolade


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KitchenAid stand mixer: Artisan vs. Accolade

nooodles | Apr 8, 2005 03:12 AM

My friend and I both lust after KitchenAid stand mixers whenever we're out shopping. She's in love with a blue Accolade model, whereas I covet several colors in the Artisan line.

I remember a few posters on this board discussing the then-new Accolade model awhile ago. Most posts centered around what was considered the "unattractive" matte paint job. Does anyone have more substantial opinions about the Accolade model now that it's been around for awhile?

The KA website is pretty unhelpful in my quest to find out which, if either, is actually the superior model. Should one simply choose by paint job preference?

And, is there any reason for a typical home cook to buy a more expensive model than the Artisan/Accolade?

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