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my kitchen has been invaded

toodie jane | Jun 24, 2012 04:53 PM

Ove the years, I've lived in some pretty sketchy (cabin-like vacation home) places in the country. I've lived in my current modern rural home for over 20 years. Never had mice. This week an uninvited summer guest moved in--and I don't have any tricks up my sleeve to get the rascal out! Calling all rodent savvy hounds!

I haven't been using my cooktop much lately, but have been doing baking etc. After using the rangetop I removed the burner trays to clean them and ARRRGGGGGHHH found "calling cards" from mice under the burners. Totally grossed me out. I cleaned up after them disinfected the area, then turned onthe self cleaning oven. I figured they might be living in insulation around the oven? I put a sticky trap under the burners, and one under the lower drawer, on the floor but out of reach of kitty cat.

Next morning, the trap was gone! I removed the drawer and pulled out the slide-in stove a bit, and NO evidence of mouse or trap. This confuses me as there is no opening anywhere in the cabinets or behind them for a mouse to pull a trap. Mouse had to have pulled the trap out from under the drawer front and gone...

The plot thickens--now I hear something scuttling behind/around the dishwasher, which is right near the stove. I have NO idea how a mouse could squeeze into a 3/8" gap around the front of the DW, but it appears the mouse has moved to the dishwasher cavity. Where the sticky tap is, I have no idea.

How do I get the DW out to check? Do I call a plumber? The thought of the mouse peeing (sorry) and pooping everywhere is soooo gross. I've had no experience with mice except in the garage, so I need the voices of experience here.

I'm going to put some Dcon under the stove in the hopes it lures them, but then, dead mouse smell??? Hubby used to put Dcon out all the time in the garage and attic crawl spce, something I've neglected. I will begin to do so, but how to get them out of the kitchen??

I haven't seen this problem discussed, hope it's not grossing you out like it is me. I checked all my base cabinets and there are no holes anyhwere, all connections under sink are escutcheoned or drywalled closed around pipes, etc. Cupboard doors are fully closed. No poop anyhwere else.

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