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King Oscar dethroned??


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King Oscar dethroned??

MrSuzyBaker | Apr 5, 2007 08:02 PM

I am accustomed to purchasing tins of King Oscar's Finest Brislings in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2-Layer) at my local Costco. Normally, there are 16-24 of these delicate little morsels expertly tucked away in lovely olive oil. I'm rather addicted.

The last batch of tins however brought me up short. Instead if the 16-24 delicate little marine morsels, I found 8 large, coarse, bony sea thugs. This is not some variation on a sardine theme: King Oscar advertises a Brisling 2-layer tin as consisting of 16-24 fish on its website....and all of these were clearly marked as 2-layer.

I went through 10 tins before i stopped. (Dogs are very happy).

Has any other lover of this particular variety of King Oscar come across this aberration?

I know that they have been recently purchased by Bumble Bee this a large corporate downsizing of quality? A fluke?

I have written King Oscar (Rieber & Son), Bumble Bee Foods and Costco but have heard back nothing yet.

Many thanks, Mark

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