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No Kidding, Grass Fed Prime Rib Roast in a Nesco Counter-Top Air Roaster Oven...with Pictures

fourunder | Dec 26, 201310:43 PM

First, this post is not about the merits of Grass-Fed Beef, so let's get that out of the's really about the NESCO oven.

Quite a few years back on another thread entitled * Best Standing Rib Roast Recipe *, the question, or possibility of roasting in a Nesco Counter-Top oven came up. A poster, sfischer, responded with details on their Holiday roast. Ever since reading those comment and report, I've been intrigued about the product and whether or not a good result was actually possible.

A couple of months back, I was in a Thrift shop browsing. I was turned onto thrift shops by an employee at one of my accounts who shops there on a regular basis for his Side eBay business. i had known about them for 3 years, but finally only went to one in the past year...and luckily for me have been able to purchase some very nice Kitchen gadgets and cookware at a fraction of the of the original price. One of these items was a Nesco Air Roast 6 Counter-Top Oven, which was practically new in condition, but it was missing something which I came to know was a small fan attachment, and possibly an interior rack for the cookingwell. The beauty of this, besides the condition is I was able to purchase this for under $5....I would never have known about the product unless I had read the aforementioned thread....naturally my curiosity was piqued and I did in fact purchase the item and had it tucked away....until tonight.

This past Christmas Holiday week 2013, the Prime Rib Roasts were on sale for $4.99/lb as usual annually this time of year...or any holiday for that matter. Typically, my purchase is for the Choice Grade Chuck End, 3-4 Ribs. They also had a product on sale for the same $4.99/lb. for Nature's Reserve Natural Grass-Fed Beef....a product of Australia. I've purchased this beef when it first became available in my local Supermarket, but to be truthful, I never cared for it as a steak or a roast in the past. I probably haven't had it for a half dozen years.....but when i spotted the item on sale I saw what appeared to be a very good looking piece of beef. It was 2 pounds in weight, extended to only 10 bucks....coupled with the purchase of the Nesco Oven, I figured it was time to purchase and give it both a test drive and share my results with you.

I used the same methods I usually do for Beef, roasting low and slow at 225* The specifics of the roast again were 2 pounds weight. It had been air dried for 8 days after purchase and seasoned 48 hours in advance of roasting. The meat was taken out of the refrigerator two hours in advance of roasting... since I had no original rack, or one small enough to insert...I ended up using two old tuna fish cans to fashion a faux rack to elevate the roast off the bottom of the cookingwell.

Points to note:

* The roast was 59* after 2 hours outside the fridge

* The meat was seared on the stove top in a fry pan

* The meat was placed into the cookingwell of the Nesco Oven

* The thermostat was set for 225*

* The roast took exactly 90 minutes to hit 130*

* The Carryover took the roast to 143*, before it began to retreat.

* After a one hour rest, the final temperature was 133*

* In the pictures provided, the roast was slice one half inch from the outer edge to make the End Cut shown

* The other slice is cut exactly in the middle.....a good looking roast and result.

* I'm sticking with Corn-Fed Beef.

Enjoy the read.

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