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Kick In or Kick Off

GG Mora | Aug 20, 2003 11:05 AM

In case you haven't noticed the pleas for financial support cropping up all over the boards, TAKE NOTE NOW. Read between the lines and recognize just how dire the situation is. The Powers That Be wouldn't be posting daily requests if the site wasn't in real danger of suffocating under the weight of financial obligations. Whatever your attachment to the site, be it dependence for chow tips or just a sense of community and entertainment, you owe it to the Big Dog and all those behind the scenes to chip in for your usage. I just raided under the couch cushions to make a contribution I can just barely afford, and so should you. Really. If you keep showing up for free samples, you otta be ashamed of yourself. Give. Now.

Kick in and help out so Chowhound won't kick off...


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