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Kiawah Half trip 2010: Husk, Wild Olive, Fig, Bin 152(LONG)

danna | Dec 15, 201005:53 AM     5

Yet again, Charleston has made me fat, despite 13.1 miles in the cold, cold rain. (1:45:30, btw)

Bin 152: Nice wine bar. Not a huge number of by-the-glass offerings, but plenty, and a good bottle selection. I really liked their system of ordering and paying at the bar, and then having the table to myself and I could hop up and leave whenever I felt like it. (thanks go to the charming and beautiful lizzy)

Husk: That is a perfectly beautiful space. Very warm and elegant, yet lively at the same time. We started off w/ local oysters in mignonette (sp?) w/ shaved fennel. Fabulous. I did not care for the foie gras "parfait"...it was not what I expected, and not particularly great. Fine...but not great. The smoked clams were nice, the scallops over green gumbo were just so so, and i borderline-hated the gumbo. The cornbread we ordered as a side was disgustly greasy, but the rolls that started the meal were quite nice.

I was not thrilled by the wine list, and I thought the cocktails (highly touted by our server when he put the list down) were a fascinating read. Disgusting, but fascinating. My friend and I enjoyed grossing each other out reading the descriptions. Some of you with more advanced taste in mixology will surely think we're total hillbillies for not being wowed by the combos...but so be it.

So... if I lived in Charleston I'd go back. I still might, one of these days. But Husk is not on my short list.

Wild Olive: This sure was convenient to Kiawah, and it's also a romantic spot with lots of interesting things on the menu. I'm not going to really review the place, because I was pre-race, so I didn't even look at the wine list and I ordered my noodles almost plain. The best thing I had was vanilla gelato affagato. It was the best of that particular dessert I've ever had. I would give the place another try when I'm ready to eat freely.

Fig: Why ask? I LOVE this place. Butter lettuce salad that truely was a melt-in-your mouth texture and no winter harshness like the greens I've been getting at the market lately. great buttermilk dressing and just the rigth amount of salt in the shaved ricotta salata. they watch out for the details, obviously. Capers Blades oysters that were very good, but I have to give Husk credit, I liked their half-shells better. Nice cheese plate.

Pumpkin Swordfish. Every heard of that? I had not, but HOLY COW it's fantastic! According to our waitress (who helped us last year and has worked at Fig for 4 years...telling) the shrimp run north this time of year, and the Carolina swordfish eat them up to the point of turning their flesh a bit orange. The texture was softer than any swordfish I've ever had, and tasted like shellfish. Seriously, like crab/shrimp/fish combined. Awesome. served over butternut squash purree, it was fab. Sides: mashed potatoes, good. Greens: honestly not very special. Farro w/ squash...fantastic!

I also tasted a friend's beef, it was great. I had a cocktail w/ grapefruit and elderberry liquour (among other things) served in a tiny retro glass. It was a little sweet, I thought, but tasty. Glass of Roussane. good bread and butter.

Cru was great as usual, I had my shrimp BLT and a glass of sparkling Malbec, which was being pushed by the waiter. I was skeptical, because I typically hate sparkling rose, but it was quite good.

Sermet's Corner - I had the sauteed calamari, which I have loved for many years, and lots of their delicious bread. And a 3 Brooms Sauv. Blanc which may have been opened too long. OR...come to think of it...may have gone downhill in the current vintage which could explain why Fig didn't have it on the list anymore.

Macaroon boutique - good but not Paris quality macarons. Beautiful viennoiserie, but the almond croissant, while tasty, was not as good as Flat Rock Bakery (or my all time favorite from Fox and Obel in Chicago)

So no one should be surprised that I can barely reach over my belly to type.

Sermet's Corner
276 King St, Charleston, SC 29401

Wild Olive
2867 Maybank Highway, Johns Island, SC 29455

Bin 152
152 King St, Charleston, SC 29401

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