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Keeping track of cookbook recipes (EYB won't work)

majandra22 | Dec 23, 201709:08 AM

Hi guys,
I have been struggling to come up with an organization system to track my cookbook recipes for many years. (I even tried hacking iTunes to categorize recipes before Eat Your Books or Paprika even existed!) All online and personal recipes are kept in Paprika, and I'd like to get all my favorite cookbook recipes there as well, but until they come out with some type of upload program (something they say they've been working on for years but still isn't included in version 3), I need to find the easiest way to search my books. I only have around 80 books, so not too much, but more than I want to manually type into Paprika.

Now, I know everyone wants to suggest Eat Your Books, but in my case this will not work for me. First off, I am not okay with paying an ongoing membership fee or risk losing my data (darn me for not taking advantage of the lifetime membership when I could have!), and secondly, we will be moving abroad and I will only be taking what fits in my luggage (which I have put a limit of 5 on for weight-sake), so I need the entire recipe, not just an index of them. I have a few kindle versions of books, but I honestly do not enjoy them and don't want to repurchase everything in digital format, so this is not a preferred option.

These are the options I have tried or considered:
1. Taking PDF images of pages with recipes I'm interested in with the CamScanner app and saving them onto my computer. Works pretty well, but I have to scroll up and down too much since the page numbers don't align, and the words/images are skewed and coloring is off.
2. Creating an excel file that indexes just like EYB and can be searched via filters, then maybe links to an image of the recipe saved on a cloud-based database.
3. Go back to hacking iTunes to do the same as #2. I didn't go through with it at the time because it could have risked my music library but now I stream all music so I don't mind messing around with my iTunes.
4. Try to internet search each recipe and save to Paprika, then manually enter the rest.
5. Sending books off to be professionally scanned and destroyed (they cut the spine off)- this option breaks my heart too much to consider.
6. Copy/take pictures of recipes, print them out and put in a 'to try' folder. Once tried and liked (perhaps with notes scribbled on the margins), scan into computer and try to use OCR to recognize as much as possible (either in Evernote or my mom's Fujitsu) in order to copy over into Paprika. This seems pretty good, if not a bit wasteful. The paper copies also go in a 3-ring binder, sort of a mega, all-in-one cookbook, to take with me.

With any of these options, as I try recipes and like them, I will get them into Paprika to help consolidate my recipe collection to one source. I also want to keep the cost down, although will pay for something if it significantly eases this process for me. If the project is too overwhelming, I know I won't stick with it (2 jobs + 2 university degrees to finish=little spare time), but I want to get started now so that I'm ready to go in a year when we move.

What other options can you guys think of? Is there a way to modify/combine these ideas into something more efficient?

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