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Keeping Milk Cold on a Buffet for Open House

nemo | Oct 5, 201701:38 PM

Friends are having an open house for sale of their home. I offered to supply treats, maybe 2 or 3 different kind. I know most folks would have a pot of coffee sending its aromas, but I don't drink coffee so I'm trying to think of an addition to. Not sub; addition.

Say, just for saying, if I make chocolate chip cookies. A cold glass of milk would sound good, right? How to keep it safe for an open house for, what, maybe 2 hours?

Home owners have one of those glass beverage dispensers with the spigot. I know you can freeze milk in cartons. Done it. Takes forever to thaw.

Do you think a quart brick of frozen milk, into already cold milk in the dispenser, would keep the milk not only chilled, but pretty cold?

A cool glass of milk and a cookie is meh marketing. COLD milk, on the other hand ...

Of course, frozen milk brick could be replaced periodically, as well as drinkable milk certainly will be topped off, as needed.

Thanks all

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