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Karma Question - What would YOU do?


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Karma Question - What would YOU do?

Frank_Santa_Monica | Aug 2, 2008 05:39 PM

A client and I celebrated his birthday dinner at one of Los Angeles' priciest sushi spots. I had already exceeded the amount of money I could spend on him with my expense account by sending him a gift, and this dinner was going to be on me. ME.

We both ordered the omakase (tasting menus), and I cringed at the waaaaay expensive sake he chose. Food was fine (not outstanding), and the service was just horrid. Not to mention, our two top was literally right next to another two top. Bottom line is, I wasn't happy at all with anything (especially since I was paying. Did I mention that already?).

And here's where it gets interesting: The bill comes out and I notice it was only $40, when it should have been somewhere in the neighborhood of $350. I attempted to flag down the waitress, but was ignored.

Five minutes or so later, after I ran out of mindless conversation with my client, I stood up and showed the check to our server, who could have sworn on her life my bill was correct. After my insisting she double check, she added it up again and, embarassed, presented me with my hefty and accurate bill. And, that was it. No "thank you". She did say something like she could have been fired if I didn't bring it to her attention.

It would have been nice to keep the money, have a nice meal on the house, never show face in this place again, and hit the race tracks. But, I didn't. And, to add insult to injury, on the bottom of the receipt was a suggested tip of 25%, which I felt obligated to give.

What would YOU have done?

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