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Kansas City restaurant reviewers

asiansensation007 | Mar 7, 200810:52 AM

Kansas City has some really great places to eat and I am excited about several new openings (Chefburger anyone?) Although Chowhound is my de facto site whose opinion I trust the most, I like to see where the official "critics" have been for the week...namely the KC star, Pitch, and Present Magazine ( Although, I think their review is monthly, not weekly)

I really enjoy the Pitch's reviews, more so for the story he weaves than about the food itself. I think he's more about entertaining his readers than actually informing them of exactly "why" he thinks a plate of noodles are superiour or why the taco especially sucked...He say one or two things about the food and then he's moved on. He always seems to bring the same friends with him out to eat (Bob, Marilyn, Ned etc.) and I must admit I'm slightly jealous...I want to be Charles Ferruzza's friend, if for the blantantly wrong reasons. :) I wonder if the Pitch covers all their meals??

I find Lauren Chapin's reviews slightly annoying, her writing juvenile and her avoidance of a thesaurus obvious. I find that dont necessarily agree with what she says is "good" and I only recently saw an actual negative review...I was beginning to think her outlook was all roses, all the time. She might cover the food itself more than Ferruzza, but it is still ambiguous at best and her lack of a story makes it even more boring...

Present Magazine is an online publication only and I find it to be highly informative, and more food-centric. I love their descriptions of food and in the terms that it is described usually leaves me hungry and wanting to dash out the door to the said establishment. I guess that is the point of a good food review...

One thing that I wonder though is the amount of competition between Chapin and Ferruzza. They seem to review restaurants right after one another...for example, Corona Cantina was reviewed last week in the Pitch. Yesterday, only eight days later, Chapin's appraisal of the same restaurant appeared in her column. This isnt the first time either. I remember that this same things occured for the Thai Place a few months back. I think she happened also with Azul too. I find it slightly annoying. They probably have a love-hate relationship with one another and don't "consult" each other as to when they are reviewing what, but I wish they would be more varied in what they choose to review.

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