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Juicy juicy juice

Joe Muggs | Feb 9, 2002 07:10 AM

Please excuse the cheesy Royal Trux subject heading...

This New Year, I decided to provide a little cushioning for my immensely unhealthy lifestyle by filling myself with juice everyday. After a few disasters (the carrot juice and vodka incident was particularly regrettable) I have developed a good relationship with my new juicer, and I'd like to share my favourite blend and see if anyone else has suggestions for others...

for 1 pint: 2 Cox's apples, 2 large carrots, 1 whole small fennel thing (what are they called? bulb? stem?), 1/2 a small red or yellow pepper, a piece of stem ginger somewhat smaller than a walnut, a squeeze of lemon juice. Add ice, consume, follow with a large mug of tea and round of very buttery toast and marmite, and attack the day.

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