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Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Candy – $2.95 worth of stupid


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Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Candy – $2.95 worth of stupid

rworange | Sep 12, 2006 01:13 AM

From the makers of turkey flavored soda at Thanskgiving, candy that is a turkey.

Carbonated? They tastes just like SweeTARTS. I like SweeTARTS. I just don’t want to spend $3 for them.

Except these are small pills, like aspirin ... and thinking about it, the blue-colored berry lemonade pill was flavored like a kid’s citrus-flavored aspirin. Well, that’s a good idea, eh?

But wait. Maybe all is not lost.

Jones says to add them to soda as flavor enhancers. Maybe there’s some fun.

Well, there was no ‘plop, plop, fizz, fizz’ here. The pills sank to the bottom of the bottle faster than the Titanic's “Heart of the Ocean” blue diamonds sank to the bottom of the sea ... and remained almost as intact.

I shook the bottle for a little action. Nothing. Long after the soda went flat, the candy had barely dissolved ... and despite the bottle having enough Jones Candy at the bottom that all it needed was a goldfish to turn it into an aquarium, there wasn’t much flavor.

They do come in an attractive cigarette lighter-shaped tin that should last into the next millennium or so ... a little time capsule to marketing wisdom. Like the soda, there’s a little quote under the lid ... mine said ... I kid you not ...

“How about doing the laundry sometime soon?:

Words to live by.


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