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Jfood visits Vincent A Restaurant - Not to his liking


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Jfood visits Vincent A Restaurant - Not to his liking

jfood | Feb 9, 2010 05:25 PM

Jfood was excited when he landed, saw the roads were cleared and he already had a reservation at Vincents’. After a long day, he drove downtown, parked and wandered over to 11th and Nicollet. He chose a high seat in the bar area and started to read the selections. He already knew the entrée was a burger but he was a little hungry and decided that a flatbread would be a nice start. Tonight’s selection included pulled pork, basil, olives and cheese. He asked for the hamburger prepared medium rare but the server told him that it bordered on medium well to melt the cheese inside, but it would come with a pinkish tint to the meat. As he waited he looked around. The bar area is very well done, high ceilings, a dozen seats at the bar, several high tables and a great looking table overlooking all of the activity.

While he waited he ate several slices of bread and butter. He really enjoyed the bread. Hopefully this was a precursor to the meal, but unfortunately he had just finished the evening’s high point.
The flatbread arrived. Jfood took his first bite and he was disappointed. The crust was not crispy at all and had very little, if any, flavor. The pulled pork was bland and flavorless, the olives were good and a bit salty, the basil was quit flavorful and the cheese was nice. The problem with the dish was that nothing worked together. It was just a mess of flavors thrown together.

But the hamburger was the main event and it finally arrived. It was served open faced with fries. The burger was on one side of the bun and the other half of the bun had chopped lettuce, tomato and raw onion. Jfood really hates raw onion, so the first thing he did was remove the onion. He stared at the tomato. They must have been stored in a very cold refrigerator and they were totally discolored and had that “almost frozen” and defrosted look. They came off the bun and joined the onion on the bread plate. Then he stared at the chopped lettuce. All he could think of was Subway. The lettuce was cut up like a Subway sandwich shop, huh? Jfood placed some of the ketchup (which came straight from the fridge in a very cold little ramekin) on the burger, flipped the lettuce and bun on top and took his first bite. The burger was way overcooked and there was a flavor Jfood could not place. He took bite number 2 and then it hit him like a bad dream. They used “Big Mac” sauce between the lettuce and the bun. It was disgusting. So Jfood had an incinerated burger, almost frozen tomatoes, chopped lettuce and Big Mac sauce. Nope he could not eat more than two bites. But at least he had some fries. The fries were not much better and then he hit the “hard one”, not for being overcooked but because it was a bad potato. And they were also flavorless and saltless. So Jfood decided to cut his losses and push the plate away.

The server returned and asked if everything was OK. Jfood told him that the burger was really bad and the server asked if he wanted something else. Jfood plays poker and knows when to fold ‘em. To the server’s credit he removed the burger from the bill and Jfood left him a nice tip.

So Jfood's experience at Vincent’s is memorable, but not in a positive sense. Too bad, Jfood was really looking forward to that burger.

Vincent A Restaurant
1100 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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