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Jerked Chicken...multiple failed!


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Jerked Chicken...multiple failed!

danna | Sep 10, 2003 08:41 AM

A year or two ago I ate at Jamerica in Madison Wisconsin. LOVED the jerked chicken! (BTW, Jolly Bob's across the street couldn't hold a candle.) It was very tender and falling off the bone, but in a dry way. No sauce, just the coating on the chicken, as I remember there was no(or very little) skin, but the flavor was deep into the meat.

Afterwards, I bought some Jerk Spice Rub at D&D and gave it a whirl. It turned out pretty good, reasonably similar. Problem is, I didn't write down how I did it, and now I cannot replicate. My last several attempts have been mediocre.

The D&D rub seems to be about the right flavors, it's the cooking of the chicken I'm screwing up, I think. What I remember about the time I did it (close to) right is: I dry rubbed the chicken, cut into pieces, and let it sit overnight. I mixed together some lime juice,sugar, and olive oil and poured that over at some point in the cooking process. I remember baking it a fairly long time, sometimes covered, sometimes uncovered. Details of time,temperature, and timing of the liquid and cover vs. uncover have left my feeble brain.

Anyhow, can anyone make a suggestion? I really want to start w/ the D&D dry rub 'cause that's the only thing I'm pretty sure I liked.

Many thanks

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