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Jell-O "No Bake" Oreo Pie....


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Jell-O "No Bake" Oreo Pie....

Dylan | Feb 5, 2003 09:50 PM

I had the odd idea of buying this fake-o product, and you know what -- it was strangely irresistable. Inside the box are three bags: one bag of fine oreo crumbs, one bag of "creme" filling mix, and one bag of oreo chunks. You add some butter to the crumbs to form a base, beat up the "creme" filling with mix until fluffy, and stir in the chunks....Kind of like a giant oreo with a one inch thick layer of the "creme" filling. Of course I couldn't quite follow the recipe exactly: they suggest a 9X9 dish, I used a 9X4.5" dish for a nice thick pie; and I evenly split the fine crumbs between the top and bottom of the pie, so the end result really looked like a big thick Oreo. (It occurred to me that if you like to make trouble, you could bring this to a friend's dinner party for dessert; after the unenthusiastic response to the Osso Bucco your friend slaved over all day, you bring out the Jell-O no bake dessert that cost you $1.79 and five minutes of prep to concerted ooohs and aahs.)

I actually would like a from scratch recipe that approximates their fake-o "creme" filling. (My only complaint about using their version is that it's filled with hydrogenated oils, which really do appear to be deadly.) The "creme" sort of resembles a combination of pastry cream, bavarian cream enriched with extra powdered sugar and a generous dollop of fake vanilla flavor. In the context of said dessert, it works.

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